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Our Story

Our CEO, Dat Jerry Nguyen operates several successful salons and has first-hand experience with the struggles and long-hours that salon owners face. As a serial entrepreneur and small business owner, he thought to himself, "How can salon owners operate more efficiently?" With the combined efforts of his wife/business partner, along with an engineering team, they created several powerful solutions in software and services for salon owners to work less, and earn more. In the coming year, we will continue to expand on and improve those solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses in other industries, based off the success and feedback of our client nail salons.

Our Values


We strive to lead by innovation, with cutting-edge technology and powerful tools that help salon owners spend less time doing administrative work and more time with their clients and growing business.

Positive Mental Attitude

Positivity is key to success, and a virtue that we abide by. When you reach out to us, you can expect a friendly greeting from a customer service representative, as well as a positive interaction with every person you speak to along the way.


Have a question? We can answer! And if we can't answer, we will find someone that can! You can count on us to be, not just your solutions provider, but also a trusted advisor in the technology space, beauty industry, and beyond.


You can always count on our team of technology and marketing experts. Whether you're looking to build a new ad campaign, or onboard new techs to your system, we are always available to help.


We value your data in the same way you value your clients'. Your privacy is important to us and we take every step possible to ensure that your information is safe and protected from any threats.


Our team of experts have hundreds of years of collective experience in the beauty & technology space. As the saying goes "When you do something you love, you won't work a day in your life". We don't employ workers, we employ fanatics.

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