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Our Story

Our CEO, Dat Jerry Nguyen operates several successful salons and has first-hand experience with the struggles and long-hours that salon owners face. As a serial entrepreneur and small business owner, he thought to himself, “How can salon owners operate more efficiently?” With the combined efforts of his wife/business partner, along with an engineering team, they created several powerful solutions in software and services for salon owners to work less, and earn more. In the coming year, we will continue to expand on and improve those solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses in other industries, based off the success and feedback of our client nail salons.

Our Core Values


We’re not interested in doing what others have already done. We find new ways of solving problems and don’t fear taking calculated risks.


We are honest with team members, customers and consumers. We hold ourselves to high ethical standards.


We actively support our communities to help make them healthier and more vibrant. We love bringing people together to help their businesses and self-care thrive.


"Good enough” isn’t good enough. We set the bar high, develop a plan, and make it happen. Anything is possible.

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Our Milestones


NailSoft, Found as Harmony Payment, swiftly gained recognition for modernizing salons and enhancing customer experiences.

Sep 2022

Harmony Payment becomes the first company to offer  tailored ecosystem for nail salons, making a key industry shift

Dec 2022

Harmony Payment is acquired by Aurora Payment and renamed NailSoft


Introduced America‘s first salon-in-the-box system for nail salon

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