The Best Apps For Techs


Your Salon In The Box


Smart Salon

Monitor your salon from anywhere, at any time with this smart POS system. Tracking your customers, checking your income, managing your promotions… will be so simple with some touches on a screen. Upgrade how you appear to your customers with a modern and premium POS system as well. You upgrade your look, you can upgrade your results, too.


Integrated Marketing

Your customer database and your Marketing campaigns are integrated in 1 system, accessible and manageable for you on a single device. Monitor your campaigns to earn more new customers and retain loyal clients. 


Smart Check-in

Ease and reduce customers’ waiting with a systemized service flow: let customers know when they will be served, let them decide (and inform you) beforehand about what to expect with a smart Check-in system. Sometimes customers don’t really mind waiting a bit, provide reassurance about their slots and what services they are receiving from your salon. 


Owner App

Keep track of your salon’s revenues, customers’ appointments, staff’s presence… 24/7 from your smartphone with our pocket-sized POS app. Containing major functions of a full-sized POS, SalonSoft enables you to nurture your business while doing other things and being in other places, such as taking care of your family or running another venture. Your staff can also keep track of their job and their earnings on the app with your appropriate authorization. 


Customer App

Make it easy for your existing and potential customers to connect with you by utilizing our Booked By NailSoft application. Customers can book an appointment at your salon, make payments, purchase your gift cards, get informed of your latest offers, and much more with a single smartphone. People can also explore new local beauty destinations by using Booked By NailSoft. Therefore, this is not just a convenient app for beauty customers, Booked By NailSoft can also help to attract new customers for your business.


Additional Features

The all-in-one POS System for customer bookings, marketing on-demand,
payment acceptance, and more. Made to match your business.

Salon Software

Monitor and utilize your entire customer database with our additional features. Our consultants will help you to determine the necessary tool to accomplish your business goals.

Booked by NailSoft

Improve your customer relationships with additional features on your customers’ app. Let us know what you expect to achieve and we will advise you accordingly.


Accelerate your salon’s operation flows and upgrade your customers’ experiences with additional features of your mini POS. Our reliable team is always ready to help you.

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