Accept Payment
using just your Phone

What is a Virtual Terminal

Do you need to manually key in credit card or banking information to process a sale? The Helcim Virtual Terminal allows you to process transactions either over the phone with your customers or by pulling up their stored payment details.

You can process payments online using your computer.

Accept a payment with the
NailSoft Virtual Terminal

Collect 100% of your processing sales

We change the way you get paid

With recent law changes and the advancement of our proprietary software your business can now accept credit cards for FREE! Slice Introduces 0% Processing! It is a method of passing a service fee to all customers while giving a discount to those who pay with cash.

Traditional Processing

Credit/Debit Card
Payment Terminal
Charges 2,7%-3,5%
processing fee
Pays no fee.
Gets rewards points
Receives 96% of sale amount

NailSoft 0% Processing

Credit/Debit Card
Payment Terminal
3,99% fee
Pays small fee.
Still gets rewards points
Receives 100% of sale amount


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